Election 2019 – The chance of a lifetime

Election 2019 – The chance of a lifetime

This election is the chance of a lifetime.

Let’s us to make sure every worker gets

  • A decent living wage, from the age of 16
  • Enough hours to make a living, by scrapping zero hours contracts
  • Their rights at work protected – and more public holidays
  • The right to retire at a reasonable age, not work into their 70s

And which will

  • Tax the offshore bank accounts of the billionaires
  • Invest in public services, and run them for our benefit not private profit
  • Create a million new Green jobs to tackle the climate crisis.
  • Eliminate poverty and the need for food banks – scrapping universal credit
  • Provide affordable childcare, and proper funding for schools
  • Scrap tuition fees for young people studying at university
  • Build thousands of new homes which people can afford, and help end street homelessness
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